10 best restaurants in San Cristobal


Seafood, Contemporary, Healthy, Ecuadorean options  

The name Muyu means “seed” in the Kichwa indigenous language of Ecuador. Their menu focus on paying tribute to local producers and get inspiration from local nature of the islands.   They use local and seasonal products. The fish follow the conservation regulations of the National Park – which means that they do not use protected species or illegal fishing. Therefore, you will find that most of the animal protein is based on fish and shellfish. For many, one of the best restaurants in the Galapagos.  

SPECIAL DIETS  Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free options  

MEALS  Sunset cocktails, Dinner (for high season request reservation).  

SPECIALTY  Local fussion, Salmon dishes, cocktails   


Japanese, Ecuadorean, Sushi, Asian seafood  

Midori can be found in both San Cristobal and Santa Cruz. The restaurant has been open since 2014 and offers one of the best Galapagos artisan fishing in sushi and other top-quality dishes. Ecuadorian options also available, plus good cocktails with great views to the harbor.  

SPECIAL DIETS  Vegetarian, Vegan Gluten Free options  

MEALS  Dinner, Lunch            


Seafood, fresh & local, Healthy, Ecuadorean options  

El Descanso Marinero specializes in local-style seafood. Beautifully presented seafood dishes and a super laid-back atmosphere. Interesting decoration and garden feel-like ambiance with some local fishermen identity.    

SPECIAL DIETS  Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free options  

MEALS  Dinner  

SPECIALTY  Sushi, Salmon dishes, cocktails  


Local style lunch and dinner

Restaurant Rosita has offered dishes locally since 1945 and specializes in delicious seafood and Ecuadorian recipes. For sure this place will give you an excellent meal if you are looking for a renovated but still traditional style.

 MEALS Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

SPECIALTY Seafood, Ecuadorean, Bar, Pub  


Ecuadorean food breakfasts, desserts, ice cream, pizza and sandwiches  

A good classic of San Cristobal, the first pizza in town and probably best ice-creams still available in the island. Good location for families, with an open playground nearby where kiddos can go have fun as you wait for your meal.  

SPECIAL DIETS  Vegetarian  

MEALS  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks    


Italian – American food with Galapagos inspiration

Italian – American food restaurant located near Playa de los Marinos, indoor and outdoor seats. Good options of sandwich and steak as well. Often described by diners as a must-visit!  

SPECIAL DIETS Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free

MEALS Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

SPECIALTY Pizza, Mediterranean      

CRIS BURGER  If burger craving kicks in and just won’t go away, head straight for Cri’s Burgers in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal. It offers great value for money – and all the hamburgers are served with fries and a range of toppings. More than 20 options of burgers, also sandwich and chicken wings.     Fast food, Brunch  

SPECIAL DIETS  Vegetarian options, cocktails  

MEALS  Lunch, Dinner     


Pizza, Pasta, Sea food options

A family owned business, with wood-fire pizza and nice outdoor environment. One of the closest options available at walking distance from Casa Playa Mann.

MEALS Dinner

SPECIALTY Seafood, Ecuadorean, Bar   


Best coffee in town, local products, variety of Galapagos coffee.  A cozy, in-town cafe where you will have great service. Ranti Café is your go-to for a leisurely morning coffee featuring best local beans.

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